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A Million Dollars in Sales in 90 Days - AND GROWING

Why Invest in Stashly?

"Our assets do not lose value"

Listen to why Kevin Harrington, an original shark from the popular Shark Tank TV Show, is involved and why he feels this is a good investment, along with other members of the Stashly team. Stashly has positioned itself in their niche market as the leaders and carved out a business model and system that is ready for explosive growth.

The Stashly Experience

"We care deeply about our customers"

Stashly understands it's clients and keeps in constant communication to make sure they are happy. They love to under promise and over deliver on their promise to their clients. They really do have their clients best interests in heart and it shows through in their communication and efforts to make each and ever transaction smooth and efficient.

The Stashly Culture

"Everybody is family "

Working at Stashly you are not just an employee, they have built a culture and they care about employees and treat them like family. They like to see their employees grow in business and their personal lives. The leadership team accomplishes this by sharing their knowledge to help educate and sharpen the skills of their employees.

Frequently asked questions

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If interested in the Stashly Family & Friends round of investment, fill out the form below to review the documents and then call our team with any questions you may have.

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