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BuzzFeed Features Harbor City Capital

Harbor City Capital has created a unique program called ‘Digital Marketing Arbitrage’ that uses an algorithm to drill into the data, find viable leads and then sell these to the companies that require them for their vertical. The success of Harbor City has been demonstrated by double-digit profits for investors and a shorter sales pipeline for their clients.


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The Street Features Harbor City Capital

An investment fund is using a quirky arbitrage play to generate big returns from all those annoying digital ads and banners that we see every day while surfing the Net.

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Inc Magazine Features Harbor City Capital

Harbor City Capital is bucking that belief by deliberately building a billion-dollar alternative investment fund, specializing in digital marketing arbitrage, with its team of more than 20 people spread across the globe. Plus, it doesn’t appear to be affecting productivity or performance; the fund’s CEO, JP Maroney, says the fund has produced above average double-digit annual returns for investors since inception.

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