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Vincent M.


The money just shows up like clockwork... This is an investment opportunity where you get to control your destiny.

Review Our Alternative Investment With Double Digit Returns
Now Secured BY A Cash Backed Bank Instrument


New Video Reveals : How Harbor City Capital’s Short Term, High-Yield, Secured Bond Safely Delivers A Double Digit Return On Investment... While Paying Out Interest Payments Every Month!

Yvonne E.


My husband was just about to retire and we were having to come to terms with the reduction of our income from his retirement savings. We setup our account and transferred monies into a Gas & Oil in addition to investing into Harbor City Capital. It has now been 16 months and we lost the investment we made into the Gas & Oil, but we have been receiving above average monthly returns on our investment with Harbor City Capital. If it wasn't for having this opportunity our financial situation would be very dire.

Create Passive Income While You Relax,
Knowing Your Principal Is Secured By A Cash Backed Bank Instrument

How Does The Process Work?

1. We Raise Money From Investors for Digital Media Campaigns

2. We Fund & Manage Digital Media Campaigns that Produce an ROI

3. We Send Our Investors Monthly Distributions from that ROI

Review Our Alternative Investment With Double Digit Returns
Now Secured By A Cash Backed Bank Instrument

Harbor City Capital is an alternative investment manager specializing in the implementation of time-tested, proven arbitrage strategies to generate reliable yield from the high-growth +$200B Internet advertising sector, overseen by our CEO & Founder, JP Maroney.

Serving as a destination for alternative yield, Harbor City takes a data-driven, bottoms-up approach to mining and monetizing Internet traffic by identifying select industry verticals and applying a proprietary, systematic model of execution to drive a diversified set of income streams.

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