Harbor City discovered a high-yield, niche investment opportunity hidden in the $200 Billion internet advertising sector - providing bridge funding for high-ROI online lead generation campaigns.

These campaigns consistently generate 20%-45% ROI in 90-days or less. We provide the funding to cover the 30-90 day gap between when the campaigns generate the leads and when they get paid for the leads.

The funding is provided as a line of credit that is guaranteed by a UCC-1 filed lien against accounts receivables and purchase orders as collateral. This mitigates our risk of capital loss by providing us a secure position with guaranteed repayment, and allows us to safely earn 2-3% every 30 days for providing the campaign funding.

Harbor City Capital is scaling its campaign funding capacity via HCCF-1 LLC by issuing $1 Million in secured 2-year bonds that pay 1.5% each month in current interest income to bond holders with full return of principal at maturity. Our collateralized guarantee when funding the campaigns provides investors a safe way to earn 18% annual yield with monthly cashflow.

The par value of each bond is $1,000 with a minimum investment of $50,000, and is available only to accredited investors. The bonds are issued via HCCF-1 LLC, a special funding vehicle managed by Harbor City Capital Corp. The campaigns are executed by Harbor City Digital Ventures, Inc.

"When it comes to helping advertisers reach consumers and get new customers, Harbor City may have come up with the perfect formula that gets growing companies the buyer leads they want while also generating healthy gains for HC's investors." -- Entrepreneur Magazine

Elevator Pitch: Harbor City Capital via HCCF-1, LLC provides funding for digital media campaigns, secured by real assets, including accounts receivables and purchase orders.

Market Size: $200 Billion

Industry: Internet Advertising / Digital Marketing Assets

Investment Opportunity: $1M

Use of Proceeds: Loans to fund digital advertising campaigns in the lead generation industry

Notable Traction

  • $164 Million demand-side customer order pipeline
  • Large, growing and accessible market opportunity
  • 20+ growth sectors penetrated
  • 20-45% margins
  • 4x+ per year turn of capital


  • Safe, passive investment with 1.5% monthly income
  • Healthy 18% per year fixed rate of return
  • Short, 2-year investment period
  • Investment principal and interest secured by collateralized real assets with UCC-1 filing
  • Top performing growth sector
  • Demand far exceeds supply and is growing
  • Recession resistant market
  • Diversification across multiple verticals


JP Maroney, CEO
American entrepreneur with 27-years experience, starting, buying, building, and selling companies in advertising, technology, publishing, and marketing.

Michael Swackhamer, CFO
Over 15 years of financial services, asset management, investment banking, and executive level company operating experience. Held positions with leading firms including Merrill Lynch, The Blackstone Group, and Ernst & Young LLP. MBA from Cornell University and BS in Accounting from Fairfield University.

John McLean, Jr., SVP Operations
Seasoned manager, engineer, and six-sigma black belt with decades of operational excellence, systems development, and process improvement. BBA in Finance from Baylor University and BS in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University.


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