Harbor City Investment Review - Vincent
Harbor City Investment Review

Harbor City Investment Review – Vincent

Harbor City Investment Review by Vincent that is going over his investment with Harbor City Capital and how it was able to supplement his income. This Harbor City investment review will give other potential investors a look inside the mind of Vincent and why he decided to invest and advice for other potential investors.

My name is Vincent and for the most part I work in the field of finance. Well, initially I decided to participate for, actually a couple of reasons. One because I wanted to have more control over my funds but more specifically because I had just recently left a job or laid off and um, trying to supplement my income and I felt like this would be a really good way to actually do that. I had a real big reservation because I didn’t know the CEO of the organization. I haven’t reached out and touched him. I had not talked with him. I didn’t know if he was real. Um, and even after I was introduced to him, even though he sounded very good on, on the phone, um, you know, the documents that I read sounded good. I had previously lost a lot of money and other programs.

So it’s one of those things where you meet a person, you talk with them, you read the documents, it sounds good, but you have to get that, more of that gut reaction from the person. And I think once I talked and connected with you, it just felt right. Well, if I were to be really honest, I think Harbor City is a really good organization. I was really concerned, um, getting my first payment and I was really very nervous and I was thinking, how am I going to get this? Am I gonna get this, I’m gonna get this. Then they have a really slick, um, methodology in terms of the money just shows up, you know, just like clockwork. Um, so that actually ease my pain as well. Um, or by my anxiety I guess I would say. I think if people are actually up on the fence, I would say that you should start small and then just kind of scale up if that would make you feel comfortable.

Um, and things are just working like clockwork. It’s pretty smooth. I think this is an opportunity where you get a chance to control, um, kind of your destiny if you will. Um, and be able to have, you know, strong say so you know, you know, diversify your money and where you want to put your money because you don’t obviously have to put all your money here, but I think this is a good place to start where you can make a really good investment and then take those funds and actually put them into either places that you feel comfortable with, where you can diversify. Um, if people are wanting to be in the market, I’m not suggesting that they shouldn’t. Um, I just think that they should be very cautious of having 100% of their funds in the market because you have 100% of your funds are in the market and you’re going to lose whatever the, the rate of return on those funds.

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