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Harbor City Capital Bonds

Harbor City Capital Bonds

Harbor City Capital Bonds have been around since 2018 and the Harbor City Bond has been a great vehicle of investment for many investors such as Mary. Mary had invested in the Harbor City Capital Bonds due to her nature of being a marketer and understanding the business model behind the Harbor City Capital Bonds.

JP: Why did you decide to participate with Harbor City Capital?

Mary: Because, you know, as a marketer, JP, I had a really, really, really deep understanding for what you were doing. You know, as a marketer, it’s what I would love to be doing, but I’m not, there’s a lot of moving pieces with marketing. And you know, when I saw what you were putting together with all the experts in all these different bits and pieces that I knew had to be covered, I went, oh my God, he’s on to something. This is brilliant. And, um, with that, like, because I could understand it and I knew that there was a huge, huge, huge demand out there. I mean, Gosh, I get talked to by people, you know, when I go out and say I do some lead generation and stuff, they go, oh, can you generate leads for me? There’s a desperate need and no understanding of how to market on the web. So, um, it, you know, it’s, it’s, uh, it was a marriage made in heaven and I just loved it. I just, Oh my God, thank goodness, you know,

JP: So far with us. Then what has been your experience in working with Harbor City Capital

Mary: Reliability. Um, count on ability and transparency. I mean, plus, you know, you guys are real accessible. Um, you know, you’re, you’re not hiding out there. Uh, I need to get you on in an, an email, I can get you by email. You know, we need to jump on Skype. I can get you on Skype, you know, so I mean, that’s amazing.

JP: If you had to do it over again, would you do it?

Mary: Oh, in a flash more, more you know? And I mean, as you know, I felt so strongly about it that I went to my friend and in Dubai who I knew had a whole pool of investors and I went, okay, Kevin, this is a, this is unbelievable what we can do here. And of course he didn’t have a clue what I was seeing. It was a whole education. Um, and uh, you know, we’ve had to educate him and his team and then create a website that will, gosh darn educate people in Chinese. Now that’s an experience and a half, but it’s awesome, you know, I mean, we are giving people an absolute gift and I am so convinced of that.

JP: What would you say to someone that’s sitting out there on the fence and trying to decide whether or not to participate with us?

Mary: I’d say try it and try it by splitting um, whatever money you think is appropriate in half do you have on the monthly program and left half accumulate, see what happens. You know, as long as it’s coming back to you. And I think I did some calculations that said if you, took and divided it in half, your money’s back to you in something like, um, 14 or 16 months, which is unheard of. Right? But I mean, once it’s back in your pocket, now you’re being playing with house money and I mean, you, there, you’re always safe. You know, and I’ve learned, um, talking to some of these really, really, professional investors that I’ve had an opportunity to talk with. Um, it’s always better to get your own money out as fast as possible. Um, and then you can safely let profits run, you know? Um, but, uh, so it’s an amazing opportunity. And, um, and it feels so good to have some money coming back to you because you know something’s happening. Um, and then you’re watching this incredible growth, which of course just boggles your mind. But if you’re not, kind of getting it back. It’s still going to feel like, oh my gosh, it’s too good to be true. But it comes back to you, you know? So I’d say divide it in half and, and watch, you know, and, um, if you still feel concerned at all, get your money back and then let the rest run, um, I just say, you know, even though it sounds too good to be true, do it anyway. I mean, do it anyway, because really it’s, it’s, um, it’s a gift. It’s a real gift.

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